Sunday, 27 February 2011


Extended family is so important to children. My kids only have one grandparent, but Madoll is very much like a surogate grandmother.
But it's not all about grandparents. Last night my brother popped in out of the blue with his entrance fee in hand....3 packets of  Skittles. I keep telling him that it's not necessary to bring anything, but he gives me the look that tells me he knows fully that my kids won't otherwise get Skittles. And really after all, isn't that what uncles are for?
It's not about Skittles though, cause he sure never has to wait at the door, nothing brings the kids running & shouting faster than "John, John's here !!" Even Isaac will leave his hole long enough to run & hug him.
He tells them stories about our father & grandfather that i'd never think to tell, he shows them motorcycle & snowmobile racing on the web. He can tell them about how he used to test & race motocross bikes.
That's valuable, even more valuable than Skittles.

Quote of the day from my brother John:
What to do, when you live in a shoe and it's raining and the laces leak?  Move to the back and live like a heel.

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Nothing either fun or interesting happened today.
We are still living with 2 broken toilets & one broken sink, no bedroom closet x2  & the kids bath unusable unless I want water pouring onto my butcher block in the kitchen. I can manage life with no running water & at least we can still shower, carefully  but the toilet thing is becoming a scheduling issue. I have a very nice cache-pot that Madoll gave me that i'm beginning to eye as perhaps a chamber pot...but it just seems that would be rude.
All I can think is to be very grateful that there is no gastro-intestinal illness in the house.
Also, if you tell children to 'fend for themselves' for supper, you are setting yourself up for a kitchen that resembles something like the island in Lord of the Flies. & 6 eggs?? 6 eggs Noah? seriously, you ate 6 eggs? you'd have eaten more if the 7th wasn't broken in the box.
& did someone really slaughter an animal in my kitchen? cause i'm calling CSI. Beetle juice beetle juice.

Quote of the day: Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. Dr. Seuss.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Crazy Cat Lady

Okay so I had a bit of time pre-dusk waiting to go get Hannah from her piano lesson & I sat in the solarium to read Emma...(btw I don't know if I've just grown weary of the 'waxing poetic' or the idleness of 19th century England, but Austen is just not doing it for me anymore)
So anyway, some movement caught my eye & I turned to see the most ghastly looking cat EVER peering at me through the patio door.
Okay maybe it wasn't the UG-liest cat ever, at least not quite as ugly as the official world's ugliest cat that if you don't have a weak stomach. Now, i'm not a dog or cat in my house lover, but I can appreciate a fine animal from afar...But this critter.
 I gasped and jumped!  It was mangy, looked like someone had bashed the left side of it's head in with a shovel. Not a fresh wound but all the same. & I said peered. right? well it was more like sidelong peering cause i'm quite sure it had no ability to see from it's left eye. And it wasn't a fraidy-cat either  like you'd hope, it was bold.
Brought Stephen King's Pet Sematary to mind (another rather unfortunate literary adventure for me)
Shoo shoo & hand-clapping did not deter it from continuing to STARE at me. But did make me look like an idiot.
Finally it seemed to lose interest in me & the bird feeder and just meandered away.
Nightmare fodder though.


Was feeling a bit blue for a few minutes yesterday. Then Isaac came in the kitchen, turned me by the shoulders & hugged me warmly. I was so excited that I called my sister to tell her "Isaac just showed empathy"
Then Noah came to me and said "mom, don't kid yourself & get your hopes all up, he showed empathy, but it was rote learning just like handshaking & saying nice to meet you. He DID it cause he knows it's appropriate but he doesn't feel it and we've always known that he never will feel it"
Thanks for the reality check Noah. xxxooo.
(was a great hug though)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Old Favorites.

Someone today on Facebook mentionned Magic Tom. Waves of nostalgia swept over me. (met him once at Granby Zoo & stood in such AWE that I couldn't utter a single word to him)
Anyway all this brought me to thinking about the effect these television & radio personnalities have had on our lives. I refer to them as 'threads in the fabric or tapestry of our lives'
Noah's favorite was Mr. Dressup. When Ernie Coombs passed away, Noah (about 6 yrs) called my sister saying "I feel a need to share my grief" She was just great with him. But when he hung up he said Cindy says she knows how I feel cause she felt the same when The Friendly Giant passed...& I just deflated! I hadn't known that The Friendly Giant had died !!
 So I took Noah to the big chair where 2 of us could curl up.

*Ernie Coombs pictured above as Mr. Dressup with Fred Penner , copyright of the CBC.


I can't explain why, but I find Tuesdays  seem more difficult than Mondays. By 9:00 pm Tuesdays am usually exhausted, which is unfortunate because Parenthood comes on @ 10:00 !
On the profile page in here, under "work" There is no option for 'Homemaker'...the closest thing I could find was 'Non-profit'.
Car convo on the way to school...
 Hannah:" Uh, no mom, if I'd meant stalagmites or stalactites, i'd have said so. I said crystals, the cave had crystals."
Isaac: You're an idiot Hannah.
Hannah: I'd rather be an idiot than an asshole, at least I can learn.

Quote of the day, from Dr. Sidney Freedman of the best television show EVER, M*A*S*H:
"Friends, take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice"

Monday, 21 February 2011


Okay. This is my first blog so i'd ask for patience while I figure out how to make my blogspot more attractive in appearance (okay i'll tell the truth, I need one of my children to help)

I'll provide a bit of background for those who know me less well.
I'm a 46 year old mother of 3 children ( hence the name Raisin' Pies as my children bear their father's last name of Letarte.) We have a slightly extraordinary existance compared to most families in that our eldest son has Non-verbal Learning Disorder, our second son has high functionning Autism, and our daughter was born with a duplicate urinary system. (3 kidneys but NO before anyone asks for one, she is not in a position to give any up) We are also blessed with a parrot with a severe underbite who hates me, bites me, swears at me in French and craps on my floors. Plus a blind canary. I seem to draw  the atypicals  !

Many friends have asked me to write a book or some other account of  our lives.
This blog is not likely to be about handicaps nor will it generally have a "woe is me" feel although I suspect that there may be moments, my intent is that it be a mostly humourous and occasionally poignant account of day to day life with my  bright, witty, interesting & talented, sometimes frustrating, annoying pains in the ass. 

Nothing interesting has happened today, except that Isaac is home faking being sick & fully believing that I am unaware that there is nothing wrong with him.

Quote of the day: From my Grandmother, Learn something new every day.