Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Eight is enough.

My favorite number is 13. But 8 seems to be a recurring theme just the same.

There were 8 specialists in the room when Noah was born...NICU nurses, pediatricians etc. Cause "somebody" wasn't so keen on all this 'breathing & pinking up' business that is just a basic requirement of becoming a low-level functionning member of the human race. I imagine now that it was just a little too much effort for him to be disturbed from his repose. Having finally decided to intake air, he went directly to food & pretty much has kept up the same eat-sleep-eat pattern since. Oh no, I forgot..first he urinated on the one who gave him the sternal rub (if you've never had one of those, trust me, it's worthy of pee.)

There were also 8 members of the OR staff (that we met) when Hannah had her first surgery, the pediatric urologist, his chief fellow, his resident, 2 anestetists, urology nurses...There were also students in the background cause it was a rare learning experience.

Today though, I was surprised at Isaac's Transitition to High School meeting. They really got it all together. 8. Each a 'specialist' in their own field of education, social services, special care councilling, resource...they really pulled out all the stops. And I must say, by meeting's end, I felt very confident that Isaac's high school experience was going to be a positive one with all the support & care available. Yes, if what I understand to be correct, Isaac will be the first autistic child to attend this high school...or at least the first "high functionning". I got the feeling from educators that he is very well understood & greatly appreciated, both for his abilities and his difficulties. The high school staff seem to want no less than to accomodate him while integrating him without singling him out.

So greatly do I appreciate everyone that took the time to attend to this meeting, be prepared and informed and at quite probably THE most difficult time of the year for all of them (as well as for us). Thank you all so much.

"We" also are eight. I know to this day that my siblings feel as I do. Ramona being gone, does not make us, nor ever has, seven. We are eight. 8 is a good number, it's nice and round & cuddly and it has no sharp edges to poke out an eye.

Quote of the day: (After 8 kids in 11 years) "Well we originally planned on 12, but then eight seemed to be enough" - My Mom.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Moving, Job Search, Shaking, Bears.

Today I got the nicest compliment in an email from a friend on his opinion of how i've done raising my kids, but I really can't accept total credit. They just sort of came to me already great and I was just left to allow them to learn. Having said that, it's still good to hear and something to keep in my files for evenings when I want Calgon to take me away !

Noah went for a job application at the guitar factory today and thought I was going with him. ( I gather he believed it a milestone to be shared) "well it's my first application, aren't you coming with me?" I said "No, I really don't think that potential employers would have a confident feeling about someone with 'Mommy' in tow." Unfortunately, as it turns out they aren't hiring students this year... Next year he'll go try again.

Instead, he's going to put his name in for that 911 camp at least. If he doesn't come up with a job, this camp is a great chance to explore a career in emergency services. Even if he never decides to go that route, having training in things like CPR is a good idea. I wish they took adults, I could use some refreshing !

Many people claim to have dust bunnies under their beds. I can honestly say that I didn't find any under Isaac's bed, probably because they had been frightened away by the dust BEARS! Grizzly situation. Pun intended. I will be very happy for the children's new beds once they are installed because I can't lift the ones they have here & I can't get the vacuum under them, so the choices are (in the past, ask for help) or push, pull,  shove & risk scratching the floor. The new beds will be great! But the little stick figure guy in the IKEA directions is standing alone with a sad and dismayed expression and  a big slash over frame one. In the next strip, there are 2 little stick figures with huge grins and a check mark. I take that to mean one of two things. Either the dude in the first drawing has no friends and no allen keys OR that they are suggesting this not be undertaken by one person (or stick figure, which in either case describes me) 

I really don't feel like i've gotten anywhere near packing enough yet, but I chalk that up to things always being worse before they get better. Still 2 full weeks but so many appointments this week and Isaac's grade 6 graduation that I expect it will only feel real and organized next week. It's a little bit intimidating sorting and packing through 24 years of accumulation, mostly because I am purging a lot of 'stuff' I'll leave much of the 'things' in favour of the people who mean the most to me in this world.

As for the shaking, well I just should not have had that 21/2 cups of coffee this morning.