Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Eight is enough.

My favorite number is 13. But 8 seems to be a recurring theme just the same.

There were 8 specialists in the room when Noah was born...NICU nurses, pediatricians etc. Cause "somebody" wasn't so keen on all this 'breathing & pinking up' business that is just a basic requirement of becoming a low-level functionning member of the human race. I imagine now that it was just a little too much effort for him to be disturbed from his repose. Having finally decided to intake air, he went directly to food & pretty much has kept up the same eat-sleep-eat pattern since. Oh no, I forgot..first he urinated on the one who gave him the sternal rub (if you've never had one of those, trust me, it's worthy of pee.)

There were also 8 members of the OR staff (that we met) when Hannah had her first surgery, the pediatric urologist, his chief fellow, his resident, 2 anestetists, urology nurses...There were also students in the background cause it was a rare learning experience.

Today though, I was surprised at Isaac's Transitition to High School meeting. They really got it all together. 8. Each a 'specialist' in their own field of education, social services, special care councilling, resource...they really pulled out all the stops. And I must say, by meeting's end, I felt very confident that Isaac's high school experience was going to be a positive one with all the support & care available. Yes, if what I understand to be correct, Isaac will be the first autistic child to attend this high school...or at least the first "high functionning". I got the feeling from educators that he is very well understood & greatly appreciated, both for his abilities and his difficulties. The high school staff seem to want no less than to accomodate him while integrating him without singling him out.

So greatly do I appreciate everyone that took the time to attend to this meeting, be prepared and informed and at quite probably THE most difficult time of the year for all of them (as well as for us). Thank you all so much.

"We" also are eight. I know to this day that my siblings feel as I do. Ramona being gone, does not make us, nor ever has, seven. We are eight. 8 is a good number, it's nice and round & cuddly and it has no sharp edges to poke out an eye.

Quote of the day: (After 8 kids in 11 years) "Well we originally planned on 12, but then eight seemed to be enough" - My Mom.

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