Friday, 7 October 2011


I feel a need to continue my 'tribute' to Noah today, on the occasion of his sixteenth birthday.

Most parents would probably agree that it's a bit of a shock to see how the years go by so fast and I concur.

My memories of my children are so fresh to me that it literally does seem like yesterday.

Noah, despite his guitar playing, has always been a very quiet person. In utero, I had to have regular ultrasounds because he hardly moved. On his 19 week ultrasound he looked like he was sitting in a lazy-boy. None of that fetal position business, he was leaned back with his legs stretched up and out. (and these HUGE feet!) Then he turned his head toward us & lifted his hand in a wave...the doctor waved back! LOL. " Hi there little baby" . He was courteous enough to be born on his due date, although he was in no hurry to actually enter the world! He was in no hurry to breathe either...4 minutes of sternum rubs & pinching and 8 specialists surrounding him.

Then they put him in my arms and he turned his head and looked directly into my eyes and straight through to my 'soul'. The pediatrician said the next day that in her entire career she'd never seen a baby less than a day old trying to lift his head. But there he was, on my shoulder and every time someone would speak, he'd lift his head to look for the source. Of course he didn't have the neck muscle strength so he just kept slamming his nose into my shoulder!

He wasn't a big baby at birth and he had waaay too much skin on his forehead, so I thought he looked like a Shar-Pei puppy. He certainly made up for his lower birth weight by almost tripling his weight by 3 months!

He was sleeping through the night as soon as we got home. And as I've said before, has pretty much kept up the same 'eat, sleep,eat' pattern since.

He was just NO trouble at all..and it's not because he was my first or whatever, he just was the easiest baby ever. Once he was crawling, I'd put him on the living room floor while I made his breakfast and he'd crawl over to the stereo and turn on the radio..once he started to 'cruise' he also started to by then, he'd pull himself up, turn on the radio and say CHOM. He woke every morning at exactly 7:10. By 14 months, he was speaking in short 4-5 word sentences and would answer in English to a question in French or English.

Everywhere I took him, he made people smile. We could be waiting in a line and he'd just look at someone and grin, he had these gorgeous, big, red cheeks. No one seemed able to see him smile without returning the smile and strangers constantly touched his cheeks. (much to my horror!)

By 2, he'd come in my room every morning and say "up mom, coffee". By 3 he had developed a friendship with the neighbour boy and he would speak French with him, he still talks about him, although he hasn't seen him since about 6 months later. It made me bonkers cause this poor little boy had an absolute sleeze-bag for a mother who stayed in bed all morning while her kids wandered around with 30 pound diapers on and often little else. But that was the beginning of Noah 'adopting' underdogs. He collected people like some people pick up strays. That is how we ended up with Madoll. One day he just started talking to her and brought her into the yard to meet me. It was a super neighbourhood, a cul de sac, so I could safely let him ride his bicycle or play even in the front yard. Everyone on our street watched out for everyone else and we all knew what car would come at what time. It was idyllic for children.

Another time, Noah was out playing in the driveway while his Dad was doing yard work, he was about 4 and a half. I was in the house and didn't realize that his father had gone into the basement through the outside door, when Noah came in and said "I found a man Mom and I put him in the back yard to sit, now I'm going to bring him some water cause he doesn't look right" !
Well, imagine? I said " what DO you mean you 'found' a man? and what do you mean by not looking 'right' ??" Needless to say, I was a little freaked out. He answered me that it was a hot day and the man was wearing too many clothes and when he said Hello to him the man asked him if he knew his son. So, long story short. I went out and sure enough there was an elderly man sitting on a chair in my backyard and he certainly was dressed too heavily. He also was rather confused and continued to ask if we'd seen his son who was supposed to be there to meet him. Called the police while making sure he stayed put and yes, he was an 'escaped' resident from the long-term facility about a mile away and yes, he did suffer from Alzheimer's. Still it strikes me that Noah had the intuition to realize the man wasn't a threat and needed help.

A couple of months later, he 'found' a lady : Mom, I found this lady and she looks like she had an accident and she's not talking well. Again to the back yard. Middle-aged woman, clearly drunk, face badly beaten. He husband had "dropped her off" at the ER and she decided she wasn't going to stay but on walking away, she'd begun to feel ill. Ambulance that time, well, after convincing a drunk that she needed to be checked out for that broken nose and for possible concussion. THAT was a tough one to explain to a 4 year old who said "It was nice of her husband to give her a ride to the hospital, but he should have waited with her" *oy*

When Isaac was born, Noah was 3 years, 2 months old. He came into the hospital room and pulled out a stool, stood up beside the bassinet and said "Hello Isaac, I'm your big brother Noah, and I will always be there for you." And he has.

When Hannah was so sick for those years, I think it wore greatly on Noah, having me gone so much and worry about Hannah. He once told me that he had a solution, "We don't use the basement that much, so why don't we build a clinic there and hire some doctors then you guys can stay here?" One night I told him to go brush his teeth and he burst into tears. ?? I was shocked. "Noah, what is the matter, are you hurt?"  He said, " Nobody is telling me what is going on and I want to know if my sister is going to die"...That was when I realized that Noah had a NEED to know and that I couldn't hide anything from him.  Frank said that he felt Noah got that trait from me. Frank was likely right. When she had her surgery, she turned 2 a week later. Noah said he knew exactly what he wanted to give her..A bracelet Mom, a bracelet with a ballerina on it cause now she won't have to wear all those ugly hospital bracelets ever again, I want her to have a pretty bracelet. I had to take him to the store and he picked out a silver charm bracelet and charms. A ballet slipper and a heart.

He has been just generally a nice, nice kid. Always polite, I never fail to have other adults comment on his politeness. He is fiercely protective of me, Isaac and Hannah. He is still cuddly and affectionate. He has high moral values, although he is an atheist. He knows that Madoll speaks English well, but he will never speak in English to her, he considers it disrespectful. He is a moral compass for me and will not hesitate to point out if I commit a social foible. He has a quick wit and sense of humour so he is never dull to talk with.

He has a memory like a bear trap, as my father used to say. He is a reader but don't let him get started on quoting things, cause he will make you crazy by reciting verbatim a television program or a book! He is very verbal and sees details. That is part of having Non-verbal learning disability. He sees all the details, but is slow to take in the 'big picture' The doctors said he'd make a great eye witness! Another part of NVLD is poor fine motor skills. Well leave it to Noah to turn that around. He took up guitar and it has greatly improved his motor skills and he is, if not an amazing guitarist (although I think he is) certainly a very dedicated one...His teacher tells me that yes, he is an amazing guitarist, they enjoy duelling during lessons. Noah himself says he doesn't understand why the rest of us don't hear his errors.

He is quite probably the most loyal friend a person could ask for...after being bullied by the same fellow for 4 years, he only reacted to him when the bully tried to pull something on his best friend. I have a nickname for him, I call him Gandhi or Mohandas when we are being less formal. He was APPALLED when I suggested he sock his bully a good one. He will NOT kill an insect but will scoop it up and talk to it and carry it outside.

He is fun and funny and it has been my GREAT pleasure to raise him thus far. Now, 16. Asked me if I would be starting tomorrow to teach him to drive? (my poor clutch) Milestones mark our lives, they are like beacons that shine in our memories, they are the stories we will tell our grandchildren, if we are so lucky.

Happy, happy Birthday Goose. I love you more than you love me, but you won't understand that until you are a parent yourself.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sweet Sixteen...

It will soon be Noah's sixteenth birthday. It's cliche, but I will say it anyway...Where DID the time go?

I want to thank him, somehow. How do you thank a child for being such an amazing introduction into parenthood? I was just so lucky with all my kids, but because Noah was my first ,ever more fortunate in that he was just so EASY. The hospital staff said, once you get him home, if he still wants to keep doing this 'sleeping through the night' business, that's up to you, here we are obliged to wake him. So I brought him home & we did 'feed on demand' 3 months, he's almost tripled his birth You'd not know it today, but I had to swear to friends that I truly had not put elastics around his wrists, nor had I rouged his cheeks, or shoved objects into his mouth to create that grin~ And yes, eyes DO come occasionally in Crayola Blueberry Blue, even if the mother's eyes are black. Yes, that is an actual chin cleft. He got that from his Dad along with the 5 cowlicks.

Noah, I won't say Happy Birthday here yet to you, and we already discussed how I'd let the leash out a bit for your celebration. I'd like to apologize for not allowing you to pierce/tatoo/otherwise maim your body, but I can not. Took so much out of me to keep you guys alive & healthy that I can't let go of that bit of caregiving.

Bowling party with your friends it is. I will drive you all & drive everyone home. Otherwise, I will stick my nose out of it. If you decide that you want cake, I will be more than happy to make it.

I will pretend that I'm no more than a chauffeur..Ignore me..I'm a driver (it is appropriate to tip your driver btw :D )

Thank you Noah. You enrich my life every single day. You are my pointer (our teachers, growing up had yard-long pointers) & you are my pointer. I am fallible,as are all humans. And sometimes, one needs the pointer turned back at them. You have been not just one of the 3 greatest loves of my life, but SUCH a lesson!  You have been an amazing learner but remain an incredible teacher. 16 is the brink of adulthood & I have every confidence of your success...& hey dude if you can't make up the dough for post-sec...I'll indebt myself to give that to you with no qualms.
Now pull up yer pants. Nuff said.

Friday, 2 September 2011

Isaac's 16 Rules for Seventh Graders.

1. A Certain Impression
Ever notice, you first come to High School, everyone's acting a bit...odd? This is, whether or not they may know it, their first impression. There are 6 impressions:
- The Doesn't Care
- The "Baddie" (I know it sounds stupid)
- The HAHAHA, that's funny.
- The Joker
- The Super Intelligent Guy.
- The AAAARGH!! I'm a little scared.
Try to be yourself. Seriously, no matter who you are, it's gonna look better than covering it up-THEY CAN TELL IF YOU'RE COVERING IT UP!

2. Don't walk around with a swagger. You can't pull it off.

3. LEARN YOUR WAY AROUND. You'll be branded as a fool if you get lost.

4. Remember your time table or you'll end up in the wrong class.

5. Pick any club you want. Bullied? At least you can move the brain cells to manage.

6. Don't say rule 5. Just follow it.

7. Try to get extra credit. Trust me, it'll help a lot.

8. Try to avoid getting beaten up.

9. You are NOT cool. Don't attempt to be.

10. Do not announce that you like Justin Beiber. There are some people who do like him, just those who don't tend to strongly hate him and may hurt you.
*Note: These rules are about keeping your head, not about deciding your likes*

11. You are not Un-cool (if you have followed rules 1-4) Do not try to be.

12. Some rules are made to be broken. Just not these.

13.Do not be afraid to use computers a lot.

14. Do not get smart with angry people. But don't get stupid with them either.

15. Do not remind annoying people that they're annoying. Like scratching a rash, it relieves the itch, but makes the rash worse.

16. And lastly, try not to be an ass. You'll end up with no friends and a detention.

Sunday, 24 July 2011

Crustaceans,Porcine & Fowl.

Last week I went to the post office to buy stamps while the kids waited in the car.
"I'd like a package of permanent stamps please"..The clerk began to list the choices, birds, flowers, Canadian flag or cancer.

I like wildbirds, actually I liked all the options, but thinking she meant by 'cancer' that a portion of the proceeds went to the cancer society, I chose cancer.

I was wrong. Not wrong in making an inappropriate choice, but wrong in my assumption of what was meant by it. Seemingly, Canada Post is now issuing zodiac sign stamps. Well, it's all still good because as it turns out, my zodiac sign is Cancer.

Back in the car, I passed Noah my stamps & my mail saying "could you hold these please?"

He took them, then looking down at the stamps he said.

"Mom, your stamps have crabs"

Was a great laugh aloud moment. I love his quick wit.

Although I feel i'm a fairly patriotic person, I kind of avoid buying stamps with the Canadian flag since several years ago when Hannah came to me saying: Look at the pretty picture I made with those red leaf stickers you had in your desk!

We all had a great time last evening for Madoll's 90th birthday supper, on which occasion we also celebrated M. Letarte's upcoming 79th birthday. I made baby back ribs & lemon/pepper chicken breasts on the BBQ, spanish rice and cold vegetables, followed by an ice cream cake. Had nine dinner guests including my kids, and 6 others who came for dessert and best wishes. Was great to see everyone and am happy to say that everything turned out wonderfully!

Many, many more to you Madoll, with love!

Monday, 11 July 2011

All told a pretty busy and productive week.

 Got some of my Hostas & planted them yesterday, they are already perking up and making themselves at home..bring on the slugs , am armed with egg shells!

Today it was off to Drummondville for 9:00 am appointment. My gynocologist gave me her email address saying "don't be sharing that with anyone" so if anyone wants to spam an ob-gyn, just let me know & I'll pass the addy along. ( due payback for the speculum and the slamming of breasts between icy cold plexiglas I figure)

Then it was off to get Isaac's new glasses, they are SOME handsome and more importantly according to Isaac, he can SEE.

That was followed by a run to the other end of town for Rona, Walmart...Isaac not feeling well the entire morning, surly, moany..then lunch with my Kettlepunk at Tim's and BOOM. Perked him right up that did ! He was ready to set the world on fire after a bowl of turkey/wild rice soup and a chocolate glazed donut. Off to Canadian Tire and the disappointment of the phone being out of stock (it's all well & good to have a raincheck, but that means I have to make another trip ) Bewildered at the choices of vacuums & really not wanting to spend $200 on special for a Hoover..but not wanting to buy junk, I took a bathroom break, leaving Isaac with the vacuums. When I got back, he'd found the perfect one at a reasonable price and quoted to me all the advantages plus comparisons to the other's specifications. (okay Willie, you can keep your advice of "don't feed into his obsession for reading labels" )

From there we headed over to drop off our purchase for Madoll (the one we were going to NOT talk about to each other). But because of the Festival Mondiale, we had to park waaaay back the other side of the tracks (Isaac was incensed that the parking meter not only doesn't take 2 dimes and a nickel, but doesn't return it ) So we walked to Madoll's. And of course Isaac couldn't help himself along the way saying aloud " Mom, here, YOU carry your adult diapers" "uh Mom, do you think those adult diapers are going to be big enough for you?" Brat. A train was coming and I seriously considered letting him cross while I waited on the other side, but was afraid he'd turn back find me.

Then off to get a few groceries then a stop for BBQ gas. I got a marriage proposal from the dealer, HA. He said he'd speak to his wife and see if she agreed. All in fun I know, but like I said to him "furthest thing from my mind is a romantic relationship, even so, I've never felt I NEEDED a man to complete me as a person. Mind you, I don't hate men one bit, many are some of the best friends I've ever had. It's all good :)

Driving home Isaac was telling me about a dream he had where he'd come across a bomb and was going to run but decided to unplug it. Call me neurotic, but I thought it best to reiterate that if he ever saw anything that he thought might be a bomb he should go far and call 911, "even if it just looks like a watch or a bunch of batteries with something that looks like Playdoh" 

Isaac: Playdoh? haha Mom, it's called C4. It's a pretty common plastic explosive.

Thwarted again.

Quote of the Day : ( I dunno who said this) Explain it to me like I'm a six year old.
Obviously today's children are far more evolved.

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Eight is enough.

My favorite number is 13. But 8 seems to be a recurring theme just the same.

There were 8 specialists in the room when Noah was born...NICU nurses, pediatricians etc. Cause "somebody" wasn't so keen on all this 'breathing & pinking up' business that is just a basic requirement of becoming a low-level functionning member of the human race. I imagine now that it was just a little too much effort for him to be disturbed from his repose. Having finally decided to intake air, he went directly to food & pretty much has kept up the same eat-sleep-eat pattern since. Oh no, I forgot..first he urinated on the one who gave him the sternal rub (if you've never had one of those, trust me, it's worthy of pee.)

There were also 8 members of the OR staff (that we met) when Hannah had her first surgery, the pediatric urologist, his chief fellow, his resident, 2 anestetists, urology nurses...There were also students in the background cause it was a rare learning experience.

Today though, I was surprised at Isaac's Transitition to High School meeting. They really got it all together. 8. Each a 'specialist' in their own field of education, social services, special care councilling, resource...they really pulled out all the stops. And I must say, by meeting's end, I felt very confident that Isaac's high school experience was going to be a positive one with all the support & care available. Yes, if what I understand to be correct, Isaac will be the first autistic child to attend this high school...or at least the first "high functionning". I got the feeling from educators that he is very well understood & greatly appreciated, both for his abilities and his difficulties. The high school staff seem to want no less than to accomodate him while integrating him without singling him out.

So greatly do I appreciate everyone that took the time to attend to this meeting, be prepared and informed and at quite probably THE most difficult time of the year for all of them (as well as for us). Thank you all so much.

"We" also are eight. I know to this day that my siblings feel as I do. Ramona being gone, does not make us, nor ever has, seven. We are eight. 8 is a good number, it's nice and round & cuddly and it has no sharp edges to poke out an eye.

Quote of the day: (After 8 kids in 11 years) "Well we originally planned on 12, but then eight seemed to be enough" - My Mom.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Moving, Job Search, Shaking, Bears.

Today I got the nicest compliment in an email from a friend on his opinion of how i've done raising my kids, but I really can't accept total credit. They just sort of came to me already great and I was just left to allow them to learn. Having said that, it's still good to hear and something to keep in my files for evenings when I want Calgon to take me away !

Noah went for a job application at the guitar factory today and thought I was going with him. ( I gather he believed it a milestone to be shared) "well it's my first application, aren't you coming with me?" I said "No, I really don't think that potential employers would have a confident feeling about someone with 'Mommy' in tow." Unfortunately, as it turns out they aren't hiring students this year... Next year he'll go try again.

Instead, he's going to put his name in for that 911 camp at least. If he doesn't come up with a job, this camp is a great chance to explore a career in emergency services. Even if he never decides to go that route, having training in things like CPR is a good idea. I wish they took adults, I could use some refreshing !

Many people claim to have dust bunnies under their beds. I can honestly say that I didn't find any under Isaac's bed, probably because they had been frightened away by the dust BEARS! Grizzly situation. Pun intended. I will be very happy for the children's new beds once they are installed because I can't lift the ones they have here & I can't get the vacuum under them, so the choices are (in the past, ask for help) or push, pull,  shove & risk scratching the floor. The new beds will be great! But the little stick figure guy in the IKEA directions is standing alone with a sad and dismayed expression and  a big slash over frame one. In the next strip, there are 2 little stick figures with huge grins and a check mark. I take that to mean one of two things. Either the dude in the first drawing has no friends and no allen keys OR that they are suggesting this not be undertaken by one person (or stick figure, which in either case describes me) 

I really don't feel like i've gotten anywhere near packing enough yet, but I chalk that up to things always being worse before they get better. Still 2 full weeks but so many appointments this week and Isaac's grade 6 graduation that I expect it will only feel real and organized next week. It's a little bit intimidating sorting and packing through 24 years of accumulation, mostly because I am purging a lot of 'stuff' I'll leave much of the 'things' in favour of the people who mean the most to me in this world.

As for the shaking, well I just should not have had that 21/2 cups of coffee this morning.

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Staff beats Staph any day.

First of all, much thanks to my sister & niece for coming to pick up the kids and treat them to supper at the cantine while I was in a meeting Friday night. (They could have stayed here under Noah's surveillance, but it was a nice time for them). Much appreciation, Brenda & Amanda, next time, you'll have to accept the money I left ! The kids very much enjoy the time spent with you all. I must admit that it gives me great comfort to know that extended family love my children as I do theirs.

Hannah deserves kudos for volunteering not only at the set- up Friday afternoon for the school's bazaar, but also for working the entire 8 hours on Saturday selling items for her class table. When I picked her up at 4:00, her teacher said what a great worker she was, and how she dickered & bartered. (that's my girl ! )  She also won a baseball cap in the drawing. I won nothing. But unknown to me, she attended with cash in hand, so she also purchased *sigh* an enormous stuffed Yeti..& 2 pair of shoes. She wore the white heels ("I disinfected them Mom") to supper last night with her father...even put on a dress and came to me asking how I felt about white heels with a black dress. I told her, better go with the black & silver flats..but she wanted the 'click' of the heels. Hey, I was 11 once , so I get that. She'd draped her sweater over her arm in such a ladylike manner that I wasn't to fuss over white shoes with black dress.

Meanwhile, during her volunteering, her Dad went over to say Hi, and came back here afterward to continue his objectives, laughing. Told me how proudly Hannah held up her tag "Look Dad, I am 'Staff' " :D

When I picked her up, it was not beyond my notice that all the children who helped had their credentials slung by a string around their necks, but Hannah had clipped her's to her front jeans pocket.

 Keep on banging to a different drummer Hannah-Banana/Hollywood. Blue tartan pleated skirt, jean jacket, purple tuque, red leggings, one blue striped glove & one plain grey.

Have I mentionned that she's recently changed her long-held career choice from Urology to Fashion design?  Hats might be making a comeback, ladies. Scarves as belts certainly will be. Interestingly enough, my late Aunt Sunny was a fashion designer & both she & my mother were models for a brief period. My mother more on a Channel line, Sunny was actually one of the poster girls for RAF recruitment during WW2. I'd love to have one of those posters ! Cliff told me he remembered one hanging in Gunter's & believed it perhaps to be in the attic, but it proved to not be there.

I'm not a bacteriaphobe, but i'm careful & glad that the children understand to also be careful. Cause being staff certainly beats a staphlyococcus infection.

Saturday, 7 May 2011


My children never knew my mother (Grammy) in a physical sense, she'd passed away from ovarian cancer 4 + years before even Noah's birth. Nor did they truly know my mother in law (Grandmama) although Noah has memories of her, they were very young when breast cancer took away their only remaining grandmother.

 I used to bring the kids every year to my own mother's grave. I'd spend some time pruning the rose bushes my brother planted, tidy up the area, chase the kids when they wandered too far...spend some time wandering myself, looking at the oldest stones.

A few years ago though, I just stood shivering in a late spring snow, the infamous Melbourne Ridge wind blowing down across the hill toward the St. Francis valley. There I stood. Staring at a piece of granite with "Amazing Grace" chiselled at the top. Her name below. Dates. A lifetime of existence carved precisely in stone with really nothing to say.

I took a good look around at my own children and how they felt about this tradition. What I saw was a lack of interest in some for stones and grass and fences. In another, what I understood was a concern for not causing upset to me. Then I turned back to the grave and what I saw was a stone, some plantings, some grass. And I understood. She's not here. She lives inside me, she lives in the stories I tell my children.

Since that day, I have continued the other tradition that I hold with my kids. I rejoice in having been given the opportunity to raise and hopefully release onto society 3 well-rounded independant adults. I pay special attention to make a great meal. I WILL & do wear my macaroni necklaces and dolphin bracelets. And I, to the utter delight of my children, tell stories of both their grandmothers and of my Nanny.

"More Mom, tell us about the time that Nanny saw her brother through the window... no-no tell us that sad story about the sleigh lady who came to tell Grammy that her brother died in's my turn!! Tell us about the quilts...And who was the BEST at doing jigsaws? Grand-mama! And did Grand-mama ever scare the skin off you when she played hide & seek in the shower and you went in to go pee! Did Grand-mama hurt, Mom? Did Grammy hurt? Which one was the best knitter who never dropped a stitch? Grammy. Who taught you how to pick up a dropped stitch? Grand-mama. Who taught you to embroider? Nanny. Which one again was the pie lady? Who laughed like an owl? Why are my eyes blue & theirs are brown? Where in England or Scotland ? Are you going to leave your recipe box to me in the will? Am I dying soon? "

 ad infinitum.

Never tell me that children don't enjoy history.

And THAT is where our mothers live.

Quote of the Day:  I'd like to come up with something witty and interesting but it's just not coming to me so i'll stick with my standard "I still have many years left to entirely screw it all up. It will be a success to do something so wrong, so right."

Saturday, 30 April 2011

I don't know, but let's find out.

This is to honour every teacher, parent, mentor or meaningful adult who ever told a child that their questions weren't stupid.

I had such a teacher in high school, Nick. He remains a great friend of mine to this day. First teacher ever to tell me that my natural inquisitiveness was a quality rather than an annoyance.

Sometimes things pop into my head, or someone asks me a question and I can't rest until I know. The entire Encyclopedia Britanica used to be housed in my bedroom but it was much to search through.

One that bothered me for months was " There is a plane flying over when a volcano erupts & it is heard on the plane. If you are flying the speed of sound over an area where a siasmic event occurs that is heard 100 miles away, will you hear that for 100 miles?"

But, I like tapioca. So one day I asked my mother what tapioca WAS? Like seriously what IS tapioca? She said wow, well, I think it's a starch?? Look at the box.

I looked at the box and it said , Ingredients: Tapioca.

Pissed me off royally, I couldn't find one person who knew what Tapioca was...Enter the internet, stage Wisconsin, (Brand spanking new) at our brand spanking new company. Dispatcher guy bragging that " I can find out anything about anything in the world, right here just by typing in this box"

So up I piped with "Okay, what is Tapioca?" And he just froze. He was like wow?! What IS Tapioca? Then he typed it in & VOILA! 

Today the "What is Tapioca Crown 2011" goes to Hannah, for asking me "What is Iodine"

I tell my kids they are always free to ask questions and if I don't know (which I often don't) I say "I don't know, but let's find out"
I often hear parents complain that parenting is a thankless job, that it isn't rewarded. Sometimes I also get frustrated, I admit. It certainly isn't a renumerated employment if you use a monetary scale.

Parenting rewards come through our children's successes, their achievments and sometimes you get the most heart-swelling instant rewards. I got one of those today.
Was telling the kids about a friend's experience with her son which made me giggle. As it happens, this friend's son is also named Isaac and is the same age as our Isaac and also has autism.

Noah asked me about the friend, if she was also similar to me in any way?

I said " No, no clearly she is nothing like me, she's educated and is an artist, while I am not artistic."

Noah said "Well Mom. You paint with words. So ya, you are an artist."

Need I say how flattered I was by such a statement?
That and their accomplishments are all the salary I need to make any sacrifice worthwhile.

Something to call to mind when they are bickering and driving me bonkers.

Friday, 22 April 2011

Now you see it, now you don't.

I feed whole peanuts to the blue jays in winter. Every morning I open the office window and put a few on the sill and within minutes they're gone. If I forget, the  jays come to the kitchen window and yell "hey, hey" at me.

So last week I figured I'll put out the last all in one shot--picked up the bag and lo & behold it was lighter than the day before..looked the bag over and found it had 2 holes chewed in it...uh-oh.

Last evening I was sitting reading in my solarium and a movement caught my eye. Sure enough, a mouse scuttled behind my philodendron. I called Hannah to come see.."look behind that plant" She moved the pot slightly and out runs Mickey. He ran under the heat register. I jumped into the kitchen, grabbed a plastic container and waited at the other end of the heater, Hannah shooed him from her end and he ran right into the container and right back out again, into the dining room and behind the china cabinet. By then we'd drawn a crowd.

Noah kneeling in front of the cabinet, Isaac standing back a few feet.
Again Hannah shooed him out and he ran again directly into my container, I slapped my clog on top quickly but it was too small and he jumped out of the only tiny space..right to the floor and right under Noah, well...HE JUMPED AND SQUEALED LIKE A GIRL !

Our furry little friend ran across the floor and behind the piano, marvelous, the only 500 lb piece of furniture in the room!

Meanwhile Noah's asking me," what are you gonna do with him Mom if you catch him?"

"I'm going to flush him down the toilet"

Well can you imagine the fuss? "Oh no you're not, there is no way i'll let you do that i'll catch him myself and put him outside, better he freeze or starve than to suffer a death by drowning, that's the worst way in the world to die"

So Mahatma goes in the basement and gets himself some work gloves.

I manage to push the piano a foot away from the wall, making a lovely scratch on the floor , grr. I say to Noah, "look, see his tail peeking out? grab him by his tail"

The movement makes Mickey turn and high tail it right straight into my container and right back out again. Then he disappears.

Hannah and I took advantage of the chance to dust and vacuum behind the piano.

This morning there is one dead mouse in the trap *insert smiley face here* but he must be disposed of before Gandhi is up. By the way afterward he claimed not to have screamed.  Isaac said "yeah you did, screamed like a girl." Noah said, well he ran over my bare foot. *shiver*

My Mom: You never have one mouse. If you have one mouse you have many.

Friday, 15 April 2011

I'm innocent, I swear.

Am making Hannah's Birthday cake today and it reminds me of this great story my mom told me.

Mom belonged to the Presbyterian Women's group & every month they took turns baking a cake for everyone in that month who had a birthday. They'd have one special Sunday a month when there was a potluck lunch after church with the cake to celebrate those people born in that month.
So one year when my brother was almost 3 Mom had the responsibility to make August's cake.
Sunday morning after breakfast she got ready for church & came back into her kitchen to pick up her beautiful 3 layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and to her utter horror the entire center of the cake was missing! She could see the little- handed scoop shapes & a trail of crumbs...
She followed the trail of crumbs, out of the kitchen, up the stairs, down the hall to the boys' bedroom closet. She opened the closet door & there sat Tim. Face covered in chocolate frosting, fingers licked but still full of icing & crumbs.
She said "Tim, did you touch the cake"
And with an innocent chocolate incrusted grin he said "No, I swear I didn't"
His Birthday is in August & Presbyterians are pretty forgiving.

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Edible Pens,Headshake.

The kids are watching The Daily Planet. There was a segment on "edible pens", similar to candy necklaces..but you can write with them & as you are thinking I guess, you chew the end.
I said "oh candy necklaces rocked!" (remember, Estelle? lol)
And Noah said this: "Ya, but DUDE..."
Dude? Dude? did my son just call me Dude? Not even Dudette, but Dude.
..."these rock more than candy necklaces, you can eat the pen & the ink"...
Yes but did you just call me dude?
Noah, Dude, we don't call our mom Dude. nuff said.
Daily Planet is done, now they are back to fighting again.

Quote of the day, from my mom: They were fighting, so I threw them out into the snowbank.
 (I like her thinking)

Friday, 8 April 2011

Rites of Passage.

It's all over but the crow's feet & the grandchildren now. My big lad went to his first dance tonight. His dad gave him a lift, just to be sure he was 'locked & loaded' in at the school, but I insisted he walk home by curfew, I wanted to A: allow him that feeling of freedom, while B: seeing if he'd come straight home & respect that freedom.
His dad was worried but I said "total wallflower" again I could cite A's & B's..for starters, I knew the music would not be to his taste and that he's so totally shy that he'd not ask a girl for a grinder no matter how badly he may have wanted to.
My prediction proved right. While he enjoyed himself , spending all his pocket change on pop & snacks, he said wistfully " my friend slow-danced with a girl" 
Do any of you remember Kevin? From the Wonder Years?
Well, I guess Winnie got away this time.
Still, I might begin knitting tiny booties & sweaters sooner rather than later.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Orthodonty, Food, Math.

What do math, orthodontic treatments & food all have in common? Our day.

Noah had his impressions for retainer today & hopefully the braces come off in 6 weeks..but he's got some wicked pulling action going on in between -- just to lessen some gaps, create other gaps..extra mega strong elastics. Doubled up to boot. He rarely has complained or needed tylenol, but today he did.

 Said it was too painful to eat...O wait, Penne with Italian Sausage? That's quite soft, i'll manage that. He 'managed' 3 plates.

 $5500.00 (what I paid for his treatments)
 Multiplied  by 3 ,soon to be 5, years driving him for appointments.
 Add in physical appearance allowance + deprivation of accidental face fall resulting in breaking off all front teeth.
Add in the multitude of Big Mac's he "had to eat now cause who knows if I will be able to eat after we get home"
Add the tutoring for missed school days (go ahead & add in my mental anguish at his report card)
Add n my cleaning up of the tweensiest elastics EVER , off the floor/bathroom counter daily.
Minus he having inherited this jawline & those teeth from me.

I'm not great at math, but I still think when he's a 'famous rock star' he owes me an island.

Monday, 28 March 2011


Hannah: Sometimes it's cool to have 2 older brothers, like when they both outgrow their Steelers t-shirts, now I have to wear as a pyjama top, one for gym & one that's long enough to cover my plumber's crack. But mostly, brothers are a pain in the neck.
Me: Ya, and you need to understand that short-waisted jeans aren't a great option for long-waisted people.
Hannah: pffft. It's FASHION.
Me: Then that's one fashionable looking butt crack you have.

It's only Monday.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sometimes that's the way it goes, except when it goes the other way.

Today, all plans to see my new grand-nephew were once again thwarted by having Hannah home feeling "sick to her stomach".
She made an amazing recovery round about 10 am that enabled her to make 2 bookmarks & begin her demands for her computer turn. Gotta surf that porn early. Kidding, she's a lovely little girl and what mother on earth can complain about their children reading too much. (although I HAVE complained in the past, but that had to do with reading while walking in traffic)...guess who?...
Isaac had cash in pocket today for the book fair & unfortunately fell victim to yet another tiny stuffed animal. I have warned him that 'Bob'  cannot become a new version of 'Bunny' or 'Hobbes' , we won't have regression again. Noah just got home from math tutoring & also told Isaac that "there's a big difference between a knick-knack & a new stim tool & we can't walk this road again I's"...Regressive behaviour is, of course, something that I & his SCC & his teachers keep an eye on.
Noah says that he enjoyed his first tutoring & believes he's learned something..but I don't see the lightbulb moment yet...I know it will come/or maybe it won't, but at least he's trying. Okay, truth was he had 2 options...go to math tutor willingly, or go with me sitting on your lap (quite more embarassing I imagine).
Nothing funny happened today, unless you include my hair.

Friday, 18 March 2011

Glaucoma is the silent thief of vision.

Dilated pupils do not hurt nearly as much as dilated cervix. Thank goodness for THAT.
Hannah was most bothered later, but in all fairness she wouldn't put her sunglasses on after. She ended up with the best I suspected, she most likely was born with one pupil larger than the other & her eyes were just so dark that we only noticed it recently. There having been no head trauma that left me to only be slightly concerned with the possibilty (as was her pediatrician) of something terrible like a tumour or eye disease.

They found no signs of anything even remotely wrong. No cataracts, no optic nerve damage or disease. All good stuff & she will be checked every year at optometrist.

Myself on the other hand..not such good news. Initially ,my IOP was controlled perfectly with the drops, but it was back up again today. I was very surprised & disappointed. Not as bad as before I ever had the drops, but still unacceptable. So we are trying another medication, unfortunately, there aren't that many medical options & even less available to me because of side effects. If I understand correctly I have only one more type of drop if this one fails.

Having said that though, it wasn't entirely bleak. My iridotomy holes have stayed open so my angles won't slam shut :D There is still no sign of optic nerve damage * big fat sigh of relief* & my field of vision has not diminished...super, I can still safely merge on a highway, lol.

Remember to have your IOP checked. Don't think "well I have no family history" cause I didn't, someone has to start a family history after all. And if you wait til you have a symptom like diminishing peripheral may already be too late.

But, I made a winning shrimp stir fry for supper.
Me: Well, I congratulate myself !
Noah: On having successfully raised such a fine young man as me?
*Oy* lack of wit at least.

Quote of day: What is required is sight AND insight. Then you might add one more, EXcite.- Robert Frost.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Learning to spell.

I must admit that i'm still learning to spell. I used to think I had a relatively good command of the English language, but that word game that shall remain nameless put me in my place right handily.
There are still words that are beyond my 'lock & load' for instance, hang on..*clicks on onelook* gimme a sec here...DIARRHEA. There. It doesn't matter how many times I use it, have it, or look it up I still misspell it.
I was just thinking not about diarrhea, but about learning to spell as a child.
Every time I asked my mother how to spell something, she'd say "look it up in the dictionary" (Webster's Unabridged, full volume, kept in the pantry room) And I was always baffled & would say "but if I can't spell it, how can I find it?" and mom would just happily go on about her tasks & say..If you don't look it up you will never spell it, why not just read the dictionnary....???now I understand better how a busy mom can get rid of an annoying child, I think I got halfway through A. before I gave up on reading the entire tome...but first I looked for all the swear words I could think of & was greatly disappointed to find that Mr. Webster lied his ugly old pants off when he used the term 'unabridged' cause that didn't mean he was including any good smut. ( i'd have SUED him, but I didn't get as far as ATTORNEY.
But i'm again getting off topic. The whole point of this was to say..
Once, maybe twice, but once comes to mind, I stopped mom in her tracks.  I asked how to spell ellemenope. She said what? what?
I said ellemenope, you know.
 It's in the song that Ramona is teaching me.
The song, you know, the song Mona is teaching me.
The alphabet song, I want to know how to write ellemenope.
Do you mean L, M, N, O, P ?
ohhhh. okay.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Sometimes it's good to go home.

Called my big brother John tonight to ask a favour. (I don't think he'll mind me telling your this) But whatever, like I said... "I still love you, asshole"
I need someone to accompany me to the opthamologist Friday, cause they are gonna blow my pupils more than any dose of a bong could, can you be that man?
I think the phone kicked out a bit around the bong cause he wasn't talking.
He said he was sorry, but that he daren't commit, in case he got called in to work late Thursday or Friday morn..
I can totally get that, just take your work when it comes around i'll find someone else, it's all good.
*Hey*, why don't you get Noah to drive?
Whoa le bateau! Nopers, i'll be riding that rail soon enough & he's 15 & while i'd bet dollars to donuts he'd manage it, i have enough to know that next year i'll be teaching him to drive.
Bah, nothing there, I taught you to drive girl & don't you forget it.
You bloody hell did NOT teach me to drive.
I taught you to drive stick, & I taught you to drive a big truck.
Okay, for A: on teaching me to drive a stick...excuse me, but laying in a fetal position on the floor of your pickup trying to puke up a kidney stone while I ground through enough gears to render you standard an automatic is not called "teaching me to drive a stick".
  He: Wait...I had to stop laughing. Okay, but I taught you to drive a big truck.
Again I take umbrige with that. Cause saying "hey, wanna drive?" then me saying no thanks i'd rather not. Then YOU getting up from the driver's seat & walking into the bunk & me shouting "oh shitfuck, fuck, shitfuck" then grabbing the steering & sliding into the seat as we barreled down the 401 with 90 k lbs of steel in the 'wagon' is not again another example of "teaching me to drive"
His response :It worked though didn't it?
Me: I taught myself & Frank to double clutch though.
He: That you did.
Asshole. xxxooo Asshole though.

Quote of the Day: Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a Superhero. *Mark somebodyican'trememberhisname* sorry, said that.

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

Bad day on the Spectrum.

Today I broke at least four of the cardinal rules of being a parent of a child with autism. (or pretty much of being a parent, period,)
 It just got to be too much repeating & he could not manage to get beyond this being a snow day so "why should I wear pants & see my SCC?" That flew. Rescheduled. But I lost it at why can't you do some very simple little tasks like your brother & sister do?

Here are my sins, bared to you all with humility and shame.

I got very angry. I yelled & yes, I swore. I cussed up a huge storm ,
I ranted & raved and tossed his dirty dishes into the dishwasher.
I wasn't pretty, or loving or in any way rational.
Then I broke the biggest fattest rule of all time and said
"I didn't buy a ticket on the flight to planet Autism"
How's about that for a screwup?

He went into his hole for a half hour & I just wallowed in my remorse while I cleaned out the wood stove.
Noah came to me & hugged me & told me that "hey, he yelled at you first" which in NO way makes it right.
Then Noah said to me that I was doing the best job I could & that he'd always have my back & be there to help.
I said "Noah, that's not your job"
He said "S'okay mom, I'm a volunteer."

Of course I bought the ticket, I bought the ticket on the day that I decided to have children. I bought hook , line & sinker every ability or disability. All the good days & the less good days. I bought it all the day I decided to be a parent & I have no business reproaching anyone (least of all those kids) for my decisions. Therefore I have but one option. That is to try to do the best damned job of it I can, to be more mature, to rise above my immediate desire to rant or rave and to give unto the society the most well rounded, contributing individuals I can.
Today, I get a  fail.

On Picking a Partner.

Although my children are still very young, I take every opportunity to talk with them about the choices they'll make later in life. For example, choosing to spend a lifetime with someone.
We talk about mutual respect, trust, granting space to another, sharing, intimacy etc.
While it's really not important to have everything in common,
One thing I always say is to remember that one day they won't be tangling the sheets so much anymore, so they had better be with someone they can talk with.
Doesn't mean you can't have healthy debates or have to agree with everything the other says, just means that you can safely have those discussions & know that no one is going to come out offended or hurt.
So one day we are chatting away about respect and how that begins with self-respect and Noah comes out with this :
Ya, and don't forget she has to be HOT !

I get the quote of the day : " Someone pass me my etui please"

Monday, 7 March 2011


Noah: Mom, can a paraplegic man get a woman pregnant?
Me: It's complicated, while they can ejaculate, it is difficult to obtain or maintain a...
Isaac: Boner.
Me: well I was going for erection but okay.
(something unheard about breast feeding followed by Noah & Hannah arguing a point)
Noah: Right mom? Milk comes in when a girl hits puberty?
Me:  no Noah, it comes in after giving birth.
Noah: well that episode was totally false then.
Me: This is why we don't get our science or medical information from The Family Guy.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Planetary Parents.

Hannah & her dad playing the game last night of "first to talk loses". So Hannah grabs the chalkboard & starts scribbling furiously. But she can't quite spell some words, so she kept coming to me and pointing with her chalk at the board while I helped her convey her messages.
Meanwhile her father is doing everything underhanded he can to try to make her talk.He whistled, coughed,finally ressorted to tickling her.
 She came to me again with the chalkboard tapping her word pointedly....YERAN. I was stymied. YERAN? (tap tap tap head nodding)
YERAN? Yeran I repeated, then said oh do you mean 'You're an"? More head nodding..
then board wiping and more frantic scribbles, circles with tumours growing on them..
Then a circle with rings around it, I said oh okay. Planets? More nodding.
Arrow pointing toward her father.
She says ' Planet' ? Sighs. More drawing, one, two, 3 circles..more emphatic pointing ONE BY ONE. So I said okay, Saturn? nods, points.. Venus? nods, points..Mars? sighs. Pluto? sighs, points.
Aha. Uranus?? Really emphatic nodding.
Me: Frank, Hannah says YERAN ANUS.

Quote of the day: A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what is heaven for- Robert Browning.

Thursday, 3 March 2011


If you can't be diplomatic in your own home, how can you expect it elsewhere in the world?
Squabble of the day:
Hannah: why can't you play your game on the tv in the basement?
Noah: you go watch the tv in the basement.
Hannah: No, you go play your game in the basement where there are no channels.
Me: Noah, she has a valid point, why take up the only tv she can watch a program on?
Noah: She left the room to go play in her bedroom for almost an hour, I waited, she didn't come back til she knew I had hooked up my game. Why should I leave now?
Me: Hannah, he does have a valid point. Matter of fact you are both exceedingly pointy people, congratulations.
If that's as bad as it gets & really nothing was thrown, nobody lost an eye or shed tears, hey, that's a red-letter day :)

Nanny gets the quote of the day, although I don't know who she was quoting :
Tit for Tat, you kill my dog, I kill your cat.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Bull Chat.

All this talk about bulls today has brought back some memories. These can be some massive creatures & according to what John once told me, look between their legs, see that set of balls? That's pure testosterone gal, never turn your back on a bull.
So here I am one day back when we lived at the trailer, going over the fence to seek out some old cowpies for my cucumber planting. Shovel in hand, I just kept flinging pies sort of toward my garden when I heard this strange gutteral snorting sound. It was early spring & the animals hadn't been put out to pasture for a week, these thoughts went through my head as I noticed I was rather close to a small group of young calves. I ignored them and continued my pie-flinging.
Then I heard this horrendous bellow. I looked up again and one of the cows was wailing her head off, either in defense of calves or (I like to think) warning to me. And along HE came and if you think for a minute that the huge set of testicles Billy had between his legs would slow him down, you are mistaken ! 1500 pounds of pissed off on legs.
I went against all teaching and turned my back, I turned my back and ran like i've never run before for the fence. I dove under the lowest barbed wire & promptly hooked my shirt  on a barb ! By then I was just as unpleasant as you can possibly imagine, in tears and hysterical.
I rolled and twisted, got myself loose however shredding my back and turned around to see Frank standing in the yard laughing himself silly. Billy was pissed off at losing me and tramped around snorting for some minutes.
Frank was sensitive enough to share that with everyone in town. I'd be serving a table only to hear "hey are you the lady Billy scared?"

Quote of the Day: I never rode a bull- I'm not that stupid. James Caan.

Sunday, 27 February 2011


Extended family is so important to children. My kids only have one grandparent, but Madoll is very much like a surogate grandmother.
But it's not all about grandparents. Last night my brother popped in out of the blue with his entrance fee in hand....3 packets of  Skittles. I keep telling him that it's not necessary to bring anything, but he gives me the look that tells me he knows fully that my kids won't otherwise get Skittles. And really after all, isn't that what uncles are for?
It's not about Skittles though, cause he sure never has to wait at the door, nothing brings the kids running & shouting faster than "John, John's here !!" Even Isaac will leave his hole long enough to run & hug him.
He tells them stories about our father & grandfather that i'd never think to tell, he shows them motorcycle & snowmobile racing on the web. He can tell them about how he used to test & race motocross bikes.
That's valuable, even more valuable than Skittles.

Quote of the day from my brother John:
What to do, when you live in a shoe and it's raining and the laces leak?  Move to the back and live like a heel.

Thursday, 24 February 2011


Nothing either fun or interesting happened today.
We are still living with 2 broken toilets & one broken sink, no bedroom closet x2  & the kids bath unusable unless I want water pouring onto my butcher block in the kitchen. I can manage life with no running water & at least we can still shower, carefully  but the toilet thing is becoming a scheduling issue. I have a very nice cache-pot that Madoll gave me that i'm beginning to eye as perhaps a chamber pot...but it just seems that would be rude.
All I can think is to be very grateful that there is no gastro-intestinal illness in the house.
Also, if you tell children to 'fend for themselves' for supper, you are setting yourself up for a kitchen that resembles something like the island in Lord of the Flies. & 6 eggs?? 6 eggs Noah? seriously, you ate 6 eggs? you'd have eaten more if the 7th wasn't broken in the box.
& did someone really slaughter an animal in my kitchen? cause i'm calling CSI. Beetle juice beetle juice.

Quote of the day: Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You. Dr. Seuss.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Crazy Cat Lady

Okay so I had a bit of time pre-dusk waiting to go get Hannah from her piano lesson & I sat in the solarium to read Emma...(btw I don't know if I've just grown weary of the 'waxing poetic' or the idleness of 19th century England, but Austen is just not doing it for me anymore)
So anyway, some movement caught my eye & I turned to see the most ghastly looking cat EVER peering at me through the patio door.
Okay maybe it wasn't the UG-liest cat ever, at least not quite as ugly as the official world's ugliest cat that if you don't have a weak stomach. Now, i'm not a dog or cat in my house lover, but I can appreciate a fine animal from afar...But this critter.
 I gasped and jumped!  It was mangy, looked like someone had bashed the left side of it's head in with a shovel. Not a fresh wound but all the same. & I said peered. right? well it was more like sidelong peering cause i'm quite sure it had no ability to see from it's left eye. And it wasn't a fraidy-cat either  like you'd hope, it was bold.
Brought Stephen King's Pet Sematary to mind (another rather unfortunate literary adventure for me)
Shoo shoo & hand-clapping did not deter it from continuing to STARE at me. But did make me look like an idiot.
Finally it seemed to lose interest in me & the bird feeder and just meandered away.
Nightmare fodder though.


Was feeling a bit blue for a few minutes yesterday. Then Isaac came in the kitchen, turned me by the shoulders & hugged me warmly. I was so excited that I called my sister to tell her "Isaac just showed empathy"
Then Noah came to me and said "mom, don't kid yourself & get your hopes all up, he showed empathy, but it was rote learning just like handshaking & saying nice to meet you. He DID it cause he knows it's appropriate but he doesn't feel it and we've always known that he never will feel it"
Thanks for the reality check Noah. xxxooo.
(was a great hug though)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Old Favorites.

Someone today on Facebook mentionned Magic Tom. Waves of nostalgia swept over me. (met him once at Granby Zoo & stood in such AWE that I couldn't utter a single word to him)
Anyway all this brought me to thinking about the effect these television & radio personnalities have had on our lives. I refer to them as 'threads in the fabric or tapestry of our lives'
Noah's favorite was Mr. Dressup. When Ernie Coombs passed away, Noah (about 6 yrs) called my sister saying "I feel a need to share my grief" She was just great with him. But when he hung up he said Cindy says she knows how I feel cause she felt the same when The Friendly Giant passed...& I just deflated! I hadn't known that The Friendly Giant had died !!
 So I took Noah to the big chair where 2 of us could curl up.

*Ernie Coombs pictured above as Mr. Dressup with Fred Penner , copyright of the CBC.


I can't explain why, but I find Tuesdays  seem more difficult than Mondays. By 9:00 pm Tuesdays am usually exhausted, which is unfortunate because Parenthood comes on @ 10:00 !
On the profile page in here, under "work" There is no option for 'Homemaker'...the closest thing I could find was 'Non-profit'.
Car convo on the way to school...
 Hannah:" Uh, no mom, if I'd meant stalagmites or stalactites, i'd have said so. I said crystals, the cave had crystals."
Isaac: You're an idiot Hannah.
Hannah: I'd rather be an idiot than an asshole, at least I can learn.

Quote of the day, from Dr. Sidney Freedman of the best television show EVER, M*A*S*H:
"Friends, take my advice, pull down your pants and slide on the ice"

Monday, 21 February 2011


Okay. This is my first blog so i'd ask for patience while I figure out how to make my blogspot more attractive in appearance (okay i'll tell the truth, I need one of my children to help)

I'll provide a bit of background for those who know me less well.
I'm a 46 year old mother of 3 children ( hence the name Raisin' Pies as my children bear their father's last name of Letarte.) We have a slightly extraordinary existance compared to most families in that our eldest son has Non-verbal Learning Disorder, our second son has high functionning Autism, and our daughter was born with a duplicate urinary system. (3 kidneys but NO before anyone asks for one, she is not in a position to give any up) We are also blessed with a parrot with a severe underbite who hates me, bites me, swears at me in French and craps on my floors. Plus a blind canary. I seem to draw  the atypicals  !

Many friends have asked me to write a book or some other account of  our lives.
This blog is not likely to be about handicaps nor will it generally have a "woe is me" feel although I suspect that there may be moments, my intent is that it be a mostly humourous and occasionally poignant account of day to day life with my  bright, witty, interesting & talented, sometimes frustrating, annoying pains in the ass. 

Nothing interesting has happened today, except that Isaac is home faking being sick & fully believing that I am unaware that there is nothing wrong with him.

Quote of the day: From my Grandmother, Learn something new every day.