Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Old Favorites.

Someone today on Facebook mentionned Magic Tom. Waves of nostalgia swept over me. (met him once at Granby Zoo & stood in such AWE that I couldn't utter a single word to him)
Anyway all this brought me to thinking about the effect these television & radio personnalities have had on our lives. I refer to them as 'threads in the fabric or tapestry of our lives'
Noah's favorite was Mr. Dressup. When Ernie Coombs passed away, Noah (about 6 yrs) called my sister saying "I feel a need to share my grief" She was just great with him. But when he hung up he said Cindy says she knows how I feel cause she felt the same when The Friendly Giant passed...& I just deflated! I hadn't known that The Friendly Giant had died !!
 So I took Noah to the big chair where 2 of us could curl up.

*Ernie Coombs pictured above as Mr. Dressup with Fred Penner , copyright of the CBC.

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