Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Crazy Cat Lady

Okay so I had a bit of time pre-dusk waiting to go get Hannah from her piano lesson & I sat in the solarium to read Emma...(btw I don't know if I've just grown weary of the 'waxing poetic' or the idleness of 19th century England, but Austen is just not doing it for me anymore)
So anyway, some movement caught my eye & I turned to see the most ghastly looking cat EVER peering at me through the patio door.
Okay maybe it wasn't the UG-liest cat ever, at least not quite as ugly as the official world's ugliest cat that if you don't have a weak stomach. Now, i'm not a dog or cat in my house lover, but I can appreciate a fine animal from afar...But this critter.
 I gasped and jumped!  It was mangy, looked like someone had bashed the left side of it's head in with a shovel. Not a fresh wound but all the same. & I said peered. right? well it was more like sidelong peering cause i'm quite sure it had no ability to see from it's left eye. And it wasn't a fraidy-cat either  like you'd hope, it was bold.
Brought Stephen King's Pet Sematary to mind (another rather unfortunate literary adventure for me)
Shoo shoo & hand-clapping did not deter it from continuing to STARE at me. But did make me look like an idiot.
Finally it seemed to lose interest in me & the bird feeder and just meandered away.
Nightmare fodder though.

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