Monday, 21 February 2011


Okay. This is my first blog so i'd ask for patience while I figure out how to make my blogspot more attractive in appearance (okay i'll tell the truth, I need one of my children to help)

I'll provide a bit of background for those who know me less well.
I'm a 46 year old mother of 3 children ( hence the name Raisin' Pies as my children bear their father's last name of Letarte.) We have a slightly extraordinary existance compared to most families in that our eldest son has Non-verbal Learning Disorder, our second son has high functionning Autism, and our daughter was born with a duplicate urinary system. (3 kidneys but NO before anyone asks for one, she is not in a position to give any up) We are also blessed with a parrot with a severe underbite who hates me, bites me, swears at me in French and craps on my floors. Plus a blind canary. I seem to draw  the atypicals  !

Many friends have asked me to write a book or some other account of  our lives.
This blog is not likely to be about handicaps nor will it generally have a "woe is me" feel although I suspect that there may be moments, my intent is that it be a mostly humourous and occasionally poignant account of day to day life with my  bright, witty, interesting & talented, sometimes frustrating, annoying pains in the ass. 

Nothing interesting has happened today, except that Isaac is home faking being sick & fully believing that I am unaware that there is nothing wrong with him.

Quote of the day: From my Grandmother, Learn something new every day.


  1. Congratulations on getting started on your blog! I love the name...Raisin' Pies...I'm really looking forward to reading day-to-day accounts of life in your household. You have a unique and entertaining outlook on your experiences and I'm glad that you're sharing your thoughts!

  2. Great stuff! Can't wait to read what goes on in your life :)

  3. You're off to a great start! I too love the title of your blog.

    ... "Extraordinary existence" indeed!

    As for the appearance of your blog, that'll come in time. There are a lot interesting features available that you may want to employ in time.

    Good luck, I think you will enjoy the experience and will be glad you started keeping the blog.

    As you can see, I'm 'following' you're blog so that I'll be updated when you post.

  4. Congratulations on your Blog Muriel!! This is so "you" as they say every good book has to start somewhere, and I trully feel that this is where you will get your first taste of it!! I look soo forward to reading, and commenting on whatever kooky thing that comes to your ever so active mind!!! let the fun begin!!! xxx

  5. Anonymous Heather here.

    I agree wholehearted with Anonymous Karen!! Let the wonders of yours and your children's minds fill us with much mirth and merriment. I love when you post your anecdotes on Facebook. Here at least we can go back and live the moment again. I hope you enjoy writing them as much as I enjoy reading them! Much love and hugs to you and yours xxx

  6. Thank you all so much for your encouragement & I'm glad to have you following me. Also, what a hoot Heather..we both recognized you Karen !!! lol. xxxooo

  7. Anonymous Karen here!!! lol

    I am flattered that you and your friend Heather knew who I was without me saying so.....what gave it away???? Maybe some things are better off not known!!! lol
    You both just made my day!! thanks xxx

  8. Anonymous Heather again,

    To the wonderful Anonymous Karen...

    I must confess, I saw you post a comment on Muriel's Facebook status saying that you were the anonymous poster. Sorry it wasn't anything more spectacular. I am glad that it made you feel a little special for a little while. Everyone needs that occasionally! :D

  9. to Anonymous Heather...

    it doesn't matter how anyone knew it was me, and thank you because I really did feel special, it made my day actually,,Thank you!!

  10. Ok so I guess the littlest things excite me these days....I really need to get a life!! I am no longer known as ANONYMOUS, but rather kkkkwright...I just wish it was Karen instead of kkkk, but not sure what to do about that, so kkkk it will be!!! lol