Sunday, 27 February 2011


Extended family is so important to children. My kids only have one grandparent, but Madoll is very much like a surogate grandmother.
But it's not all about grandparents. Last night my brother popped in out of the blue with his entrance fee in hand....3 packets of  Skittles. I keep telling him that it's not necessary to bring anything, but he gives me the look that tells me he knows fully that my kids won't otherwise get Skittles. And really after all, isn't that what uncles are for?
It's not about Skittles though, cause he sure never has to wait at the door, nothing brings the kids running & shouting faster than "John, John's here !!" Even Isaac will leave his hole long enough to run & hug him.
He tells them stories about our father & grandfather that i'd never think to tell, he shows them motorcycle & snowmobile racing on the web. He can tell them about how he used to test & race motocross bikes.
That's valuable, even more valuable than Skittles.

Quote of the day from my brother John:
What to do, when you live in a shoe and it's raining and the laces leak?  Move to the back and live like a heel.


  1. Ah, a cute post. I love that quote of the day.

  2. Thanks Mike, a great compliment coming from someone of your understanding :)

  3. I never realized just how close your kids were with John!! I have known John for many years, and never thought of him as having any kind of "bond" with anyone.!!lol something about his quirkiness that seems to keep him at arms length for such sentimental behaviour!!! But you know there is a reason why he brings those skittles for your kids, and whether he will admit to it or not, it is because he loves them as much as they love him!! I guess I don't know John after all!!:)