Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Bull Chat.

All this talk about bulls today has brought back some memories. These can be some massive creatures & according to what John once told me, look between their legs, see that set of balls? That's pure testosterone gal, never turn your back on a bull.
So here I am one day back when we lived at the trailer, going over the fence to seek out some old cowpies for my cucumber planting. Shovel in hand, I just kept flinging pies sort of toward my garden when I heard this strange gutteral snorting sound. It was early spring & the animals hadn't been put out to pasture for a week, these thoughts went through my head as I noticed I was rather close to a small group of young calves. I ignored them and continued my pie-flinging.
Then I heard this horrendous bellow. I looked up again and one of the cows was wailing her head off, either in defense of calves or (I like to think) warning to me. And along HE came and if you think for a minute that the huge set of testicles Billy had between his legs would slow him down, you are mistaken ! 1500 pounds of pissed off on legs.
I went against all teaching and turned my back, I turned my back and ran like i've never run before for the fence. I dove under the lowest barbed wire & promptly hooked my shirt  on a barb ! By then I was just as unpleasant as you can possibly imagine, in tears and hysterical.
I rolled and twisted, got myself loose however shredding my back and turned around to see Frank standing in the yard laughing himself silly. Billy was pissed off at losing me and tramped around snorting for some minutes.
Frank was sensitive enough to share that with everyone in town. I'd be serving a table only to hear "hey are you the lady Billy scared?"

Quote of the Day: I never rode a bull- I'm not that stupid. James Caan.


  1. Sorry you received injuries to your self and your pride, but that was a great funny story.

  2. Don't fret for my pride Mike, I really haven't any and my slight physical injuries have long since healed.
    Am glad you got a kick out of it, & also that you are such a faithful reader. Don't give up, I have many more shameful moments to share! xxxooo M.

  3. Anonymous Heather,

    Oh Muriel!! This could only happen to you! Glad there were no serious injuries. *Kicks Frank for laughing!* I woulda helped you even if I were laughing :P xx

  4. Haha Heather, come to think of it, he laughed at me when I got chased by that Canada Goose too. hmm...I sense a pattern here.