Tuesday, 8 March 2011

On Picking a Partner.

Although my children are still very young, I take every opportunity to talk with them about the choices they'll make later in life. For example, choosing to spend a lifetime with someone.
We talk about mutual respect, trust, granting space to another, sharing, intimacy etc.
While it's really not important to have everything in common,
One thing I always say is to remember that one day they won't be tangling the sheets so much anymore, so they had better be with someone they can talk with.
Doesn't mean you can't have healthy debates or have to agree with everything the other says, just means that you can safely have those discussions & know that no one is going to come out offended or hurt.
So one day we are chatting away about respect and how that begins with self-respect and Noah comes out with this :
Ya, and don't forget she has to be HOT !

I get the quote of the day : " Someone pass me my etui please"

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  1. LOL..ah boys. My daughter and I often have that discussion. We have a running 'list', but I think she's wiser than her mother and realizes no man is perfect.
    I really *want* a perfect son-in-law tho!