Thursday, 3 March 2011


If you can't be diplomatic in your own home, how can you expect it elsewhere in the world?
Squabble of the day:
Hannah: why can't you play your game on the tv in the basement?
Noah: you go watch the tv in the basement.
Hannah: No, you go play your game in the basement where there are no channels.
Me: Noah, she has a valid point, why take up the only tv she can watch a program on?
Noah: She left the room to go play in her bedroom for almost an hour, I waited, she didn't come back til she knew I had hooked up my game. Why should I leave now?
Me: Hannah, he does have a valid point. Matter of fact you are both exceedingly pointy people, congratulations.
If that's as bad as it gets & really nothing was thrown, nobody lost an eye or shed tears, hey, that's a red-letter day :)

Nanny gets the quote of the day, although I don't know who she was quoting :
Tit for Tat, you kill my dog, I kill your cat.

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