Thursday, 24 March 2011

Sometimes that's the way it goes, except when it goes the other way.

Today, all plans to see my new grand-nephew were once again thwarted by having Hannah home feeling "sick to her stomach".
She made an amazing recovery round about 10 am that enabled her to make 2 bookmarks & begin her demands for her computer turn. Gotta surf that porn early. Kidding, she's a lovely little girl and what mother on earth can complain about their children reading too much. (although I HAVE complained in the past, but that had to do with reading while walking in traffic)...guess who?...
Isaac had cash in pocket today for the book fair & unfortunately fell victim to yet another tiny stuffed animal. I have warned him that 'Bob'  cannot become a new version of 'Bunny' or 'Hobbes' , we won't have regression again. Noah just got home from math tutoring & also told Isaac that "there's a big difference between a knick-knack & a new stim tool & we can't walk this road again I's"...Regressive behaviour is, of course, something that I & his SCC & his teachers keep an eye on.
Noah says that he enjoyed his first tutoring & believes he's learned something..but I don't see the lightbulb moment yet...I know it will come/or maybe it won't, but at least he's trying. Okay, truth was he had 2 options...go to math tutor willingly, or go with me sitting on your lap (quite more embarassing I imagine).
Nothing funny happened today, unless you include my hair.

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