Sunday, 6 March 2011

Planetary Parents.

Hannah & her dad playing the game last night of "first to talk loses". So Hannah grabs the chalkboard & starts scribbling furiously. But she can't quite spell some words, so she kept coming to me and pointing with her chalk at the board while I helped her convey her messages.
Meanwhile her father is doing everything underhanded he can to try to make her talk.He whistled, coughed,finally ressorted to tickling her.
 She came to me again with the chalkboard tapping her word pointedly....YERAN. I was stymied. YERAN? (tap tap tap head nodding)
YERAN? Yeran I repeated, then said oh do you mean 'You're an"? More head nodding..
then board wiping and more frantic scribbles, circles with tumours growing on them..
Then a circle with rings around it, I said oh okay. Planets? More nodding.
Arrow pointing toward her father.
She says ' Planet' ? Sighs. More drawing, one, two, 3 circles..more emphatic pointing ONE BY ONE. So I said okay, Saturn? nods, points.. Venus? nods, points..Mars? sighs. Pluto? sighs, points.
Aha. Uranus?? Really emphatic nodding.
Me: Frank, Hannah says YERAN ANUS.

Quote of the day: A man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what is heaven for- Robert Browning.

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  1. Anonymous Heather,

    Love, love, love it!!! WTG Hannah! :P