Friday, 18 March 2011

Glaucoma is the silent thief of vision.

Dilated pupils do not hurt nearly as much as dilated cervix. Thank goodness for THAT.
Hannah was most bothered later, but in all fairness she wouldn't put her sunglasses on after. She ended up with the best I suspected, she most likely was born with one pupil larger than the other & her eyes were just so dark that we only noticed it recently. There having been no head trauma that left me to only be slightly concerned with the possibilty (as was her pediatrician) of something terrible like a tumour or eye disease.

They found no signs of anything even remotely wrong. No cataracts, no optic nerve damage or disease. All good stuff & she will be checked every year at optometrist.

Myself on the other hand..not such good news. Initially ,my IOP was controlled perfectly with the drops, but it was back up again today. I was very surprised & disappointed. Not as bad as before I ever had the drops, but still unacceptable. So we are trying another medication, unfortunately, there aren't that many medical options & even less available to me because of side effects. If I understand correctly I have only one more type of drop if this one fails.

Having said that though, it wasn't entirely bleak. My iridotomy holes have stayed open so my angles won't slam shut :D There is still no sign of optic nerve damage * big fat sigh of relief* & my field of vision has not diminished...super, I can still safely merge on a highway, lol.

Remember to have your IOP checked. Don't think "well I have no family history" cause I didn't, someone has to start a family history after all. And if you wait til you have a symptom like diminishing peripheral may already be too late.

But, I made a winning shrimp stir fry for supper.
Me: Well, I congratulate myself !
Noah: On having successfully raised such a fine young man as me?
*Oy* lack of wit at least.

Quote of day: What is required is sight AND insight. Then you might add one more, EXcite.- Robert Frost.

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