Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Sometimes it's good to go home.

Called my big brother John tonight to ask a favour. (I don't think he'll mind me telling your this) But whatever, like I said... "I still love you, asshole"
I need someone to accompany me to the opthamologist Friday, cause they are gonna blow my pupils more than any dose of a bong could, can you be that man?
I think the phone kicked out a bit around the bong cause he wasn't talking.
He said he was sorry, but that he daren't commit, in case he got called in to work late Thursday or Friday morn..
I can totally get that, just take your work when it comes around i'll find someone else, it's all good.
*Hey*, why don't you get Noah to drive?
Whoa le bateau! Nopers, i'll be riding that rail soon enough & he's 15 & while i'd bet dollars to donuts he'd manage it, i have enough to know that next year i'll be teaching him to drive.
Bah, nothing there, I taught you to drive girl & don't you forget it.
You bloody hell did NOT teach me to drive.
I taught you to drive stick, & I taught you to drive a big truck.
Okay, for A: on teaching me to drive a stick...excuse me, but laying in a fetal position on the floor of your pickup trying to puke up a kidney stone while I ground through enough gears to render you standard an automatic is not called "teaching me to drive a stick".
  He: Wait...I had to stop laughing. Okay, but I taught you to drive a big truck.
Again I take umbrige with that. Cause saying "hey, wanna drive?" then me saying no thanks i'd rather not. Then YOU getting up from the driver's seat & walking into the bunk & me shouting "oh shitfuck, fuck, shitfuck" then grabbing the steering & sliding into the seat as we barreled down the 401 with 90 k lbs of steel in the 'wagon' is not again another example of "teaching me to drive"
His response :It worked though didn't it?
Me: I taught myself & Frank to double clutch though.
He: That you did.
Asshole. xxxooo Asshole though.

Quote of the Day: Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a Superhero. *Mark somebodyican'trememberhisname* sorry, said that.

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  1. Anonymous Heather,

    Sounds like your brothers teaching methods come from the school of sink or swim! :P xx