Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Orthodonty, Food, Math.

What do math, orthodontic treatments & food all have in common? Our day.

Noah had his impressions for retainer today & hopefully the braces come off in 6 weeks..but he's got some wicked pulling action going on in between -- just to lessen some gaps, create other gaps..extra mega strong elastics. Doubled up to boot. He rarely has complained or needed tylenol, but today he did.

 Said it was too painful to eat...O wait, Penne with Italian Sausage? That's quite soft, i'll manage that. He 'managed' 3 plates.

 $5500.00 (what I paid for his treatments)
 Multiplied  by 3 ,soon to be 5, years driving him for appointments.
 Add in physical appearance allowance + deprivation of accidental face fall resulting in breaking off all front teeth.
Add in the multitude of Big Mac's he "had to eat now cause who knows if I will be able to eat after we get home"
Add the tutoring for missed school days (go ahead & add in my mental anguish at his report card)
Add n my cleaning up of the tweensiest elastics EVER , off the floor/bathroom counter daily.
Minus he having inherited this jawline & those teeth from me.

I'm not great at math, but I still think when he's a 'famous rock star' he owes me an island.

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