Friday, 22 April 2011

Now you see it, now you don't.

I feed whole peanuts to the blue jays in winter. Every morning I open the office window and put a few on the sill and within minutes they're gone. If I forget, the  jays come to the kitchen window and yell "hey, hey" at me.

So last week I figured I'll put out the last all in one shot--picked up the bag and lo & behold it was lighter than the day before..looked the bag over and found it had 2 holes chewed in it...uh-oh.

Last evening I was sitting reading in my solarium and a movement caught my eye. Sure enough, a mouse scuttled behind my philodendron. I called Hannah to come see.."look behind that plant" She moved the pot slightly and out runs Mickey. He ran under the heat register. I jumped into the kitchen, grabbed a plastic container and waited at the other end of the heater, Hannah shooed him from her end and he ran right into the container and right back out again, into the dining room and behind the china cabinet. By then we'd drawn a crowd.

Noah kneeling in front of the cabinet, Isaac standing back a few feet.
Again Hannah shooed him out and he ran again directly into my container, I slapped my clog on top quickly but it was too small and he jumped out of the only tiny space..right to the floor and right under Noah, well...HE JUMPED AND SQUEALED LIKE A GIRL !

Our furry little friend ran across the floor and behind the piano, marvelous, the only 500 lb piece of furniture in the room!

Meanwhile Noah's asking me," what are you gonna do with him Mom if you catch him?"

"I'm going to flush him down the toilet"

Well can you imagine the fuss? "Oh no you're not, there is no way i'll let you do that i'll catch him myself and put him outside, better he freeze or starve than to suffer a death by drowning, that's the worst way in the world to die"

So Mahatma goes in the basement and gets himself some work gloves.

I manage to push the piano a foot away from the wall, making a lovely scratch on the floor , grr. I say to Noah, "look, see his tail peeking out? grab him by his tail"

The movement makes Mickey turn and high tail it right straight into my container and right back out again. Then he disappears.

Hannah and I took advantage of the chance to dust and vacuum behind the piano.

This morning there is one dead mouse in the trap *insert smiley face here* but he must be disposed of before Gandhi is up. By the way afterward he claimed not to have screamed.  Isaac said "yeah you did, screamed like a girl." Noah said, well he ran over my bare foot. *shiver*

My Mom: You never have one mouse. If you have one mouse you have many.

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