Friday, 8 April 2011

Rites of Passage.

It's all over but the crow's feet & the grandchildren now. My big lad went to his first dance tonight. His dad gave him a lift, just to be sure he was 'locked & loaded' in at the school, but I insisted he walk home by curfew, I wanted to A: allow him that feeling of freedom, while B: seeing if he'd come straight home & respect that freedom.
His dad was worried but I said "total wallflower" again I could cite A's & B's..for starters, I knew the music would not be to his taste and that he's so totally shy that he'd not ask a girl for a grinder no matter how badly he may have wanted to.
My prediction proved right. While he enjoyed himself , spending all his pocket change on pop & snacks, he said wistfully " my friend slow-danced with a girl" 
Do any of you remember Kevin? From the Wonder Years?
Well, I guess Winnie got away this time.
Still, I might begin knitting tiny booties & sweaters sooner rather than later.

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