Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Edible Pens,Headshake.

The kids are watching The Daily Planet. There was a segment on "edible pens", similar to candy necklaces..but you can write with them & as you are thinking I guess, you chew the end.
I said "oh candy necklaces rocked!" (remember, Estelle? lol)
And Noah said this: "Ya, but DUDE..."
Dude? Dude? did my son just call me Dude? Not even Dudette, but Dude.
..."these rock more than candy necklaces, you can eat the pen & the ink"...
Yes but did you just call me dude?
Noah, Dude, we don't call our mom Dude. nuff said.
Daily Planet is done, now they are back to fighting again.

Quote of the day, from my mom: They were fighting, so I threw them out into the snowbank.
 (I like her thinking)

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