Saturday, 30 April 2011

I often hear parents complain that parenting is a thankless job, that it isn't rewarded. Sometimes I also get frustrated, I admit. It certainly isn't a renumerated employment if you use a monetary scale.

Parenting rewards come through our children's successes, their achievments and sometimes you get the most heart-swelling instant rewards. I got one of those today.
Was telling the kids about a friend's experience with her son which made me giggle. As it happens, this friend's son is also named Isaac and is the same age as our Isaac and also has autism.

Noah asked me about the friend, if she was also similar to me in any way?

I said " No, no clearly she is nothing like me, she's educated and is an artist, while I am not artistic."

Noah said "Well Mom. You paint with words. So ya, you are an artist."

Need I say how flattered I was by such a statement?
That and their accomplishments are all the salary I need to make any sacrifice worthwhile.

Something to call to mind when they are bickering and driving me bonkers.

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  1. The rewards of parenting always outweigh the hardships. You know, Noah's words were wise. There is a certain artistry in raising our children.