Friday, 15 April 2011

I'm innocent, I swear.

Am making Hannah's Birthday cake today and it reminds me of this great story my mom told me.

Mom belonged to the Presbyterian Women's group & every month they took turns baking a cake for everyone in that month who had a birthday. They'd have one special Sunday a month when there was a potluck lunch after church with the cake to celebrate those people born in that month.
So one year when my brother was almost 3 Mom had the responsibility to make August's cake.
Sunday morning after breakfast she got ready for church & came back into her kitchen to pick up her beautiful 3 layer chocolate cake with chocolate frosting and to her utter horror the entire center of the cake was missing! She could see the little- handed scoop shapes & a trail of crumbs...
She followed the trail of crumbs, out of the kitchen, up the stairs, down the hall to the boys' bedroom closet. She opened the closet door & there sat Tim. Face covered in chocolate frosting, fingers licked but still full of icing & crumbs.
She said "Tim, did you touch the cake"
And with an innocent chocolate incrusted grin he said "No, I swear I didn't"
His Birthday is in August & Presbyterians are pretty forgiving.

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