Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sweet Sixteen...

It will soon be Noah's sixteenth birthday. It's cliche, but I will say it anyway...Where DID the time go?

I want to thank him, somehow. How do you thank a child for being such an amazing introduction into parenthood? I was just so lucky with all my kids, but because Noah was my first ,ever more fortunate in that he was just so EASY. The hospital staff said, once you get him home, if he still wants to keep doing this 'sleeping through the night' business, that's up to you, here we are obliged to wake him. So I brought him home & we did 'feed on demand' 3 months, he's almost tripled his birth You'd not know it today, but I had to swear to friends that I truly had not put elastics around his wrists, nor had I rouged his cheeks, or shoved objects into his mouth to create that grin~ And yes, eyes DO come occasionally in Crayola Blueberry Blue, even if the mother's eyes are black. Yes, that is an actual chin cleft. He got that from his Dad along with the 5 cowlicks.

Noah, I won't say Happy Birthday here yet to you, and we already discussed how I'd let the leash out a bit for your celebration. I'd like to apologize for not allowing you to pierce/tatoo/otherwise maim your body, but I can not. Took so much out of me to keep you guys alive & healthy that I can't let go of that bit of caregiving.

Bowling party with your friends it is. I will drive you all & drive everyone home. Otherwise, I will stick my nose out of it. If you decide that you want cake, I will be more than happy to make it.

I will pretend that I'm no more than a chauffeur..Ignore me..I'm a driver (it is appropriate to tip your driver btw :D )

Thank you Noah. You enrich my life every single day. You are my pointer (our teachers, growing up had yard-long pointers) & you are my pointer. I am fallible,as are all humans. And sometimes, one needs the pointer turned back at them. You have been not just one of the 3 greatest loves of my life, but SUCH a lesson!  You have been an amazing learner but remain an incredible teacher. 16 is the brink of adulthood & I have every confidence of your success...& hey dude if you can't make up the dough for post-sec...I'll indebt myself to give that to you with no qualms.
Now pull up yer pants. Nuff said.

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