Friday, 2 September 2011

Isaac's 16 Rules for Seventh Graders.

1. A Certain Impression
Ever notice, you first come to High School, everyone's acting a bit...odd? This is, whether or not they may know it, their first impression. There are 6 impressions:
- The Doesn't Care
- The "Baddie" (I know it sounds stupid)
- The HAHAHA, that's funny.
- The Joker
- The Super Intelligent Guy.
- The AAAARGH!! I'm a little scared.
Try to be yourself. Seriously, no matter who you are, it's gonna look better than covering it up-THEY CAN TELL IF YOU'RE COVERING IT UP!

2. Don't walk around with a swagger. You can't pull it off.

3. LEARN YOUR WAY AROUND. You'll be branded as a fool if you get lost.

4. Remember your time table or you'll end up in the wrong class.

5. Pick any club you want. Bullied? At least you can move the brain cells to manage.

6. Don't say rule 5. Just follow it.

7. Try to get extra credit. Trust me, it'll help a lot.

8. Try to avoid getting beaten up.

9. You are NOT cool. Don't attempt to be.

10. Do not announce that you like Justin Beiber. There are some people who do like him, just those who don't tend to strongly hate him and may hurt you.
*Note: These rules are about keeping your head, not about deciding your likes*

11. You are not Un-cool (if you have followed rules 1-4) Do not try to be.

12. Some rules are made to be broken. Just not these.

13.Do not be afraid to use computers a lot.

14. Do not get smart with angry people. But don't get stupid with them either.

15. Do not remind annoying people that they're annoying. Like scratching a rash, it relieves the itch, but makes the rash worse.

16. And lastly, try not to be an ass. You'll end up with no friends and a detention.


  1. Anonymous Heather.

    Very sage wisdom from one so young. Your peers should heed these rules. Well done Isaac. :D Congratulations to your Mom for raising such an amazing mind :D

  2. Really perceptive thoughts...I will share these with my son who just started high school, too! He's a don't care/aargh-scared type of guy...actually just extremely shy...maybe you should add shyness to your have some good I would add would be to seek out others who are alone...that's what I told Jason. He's at a totally new school and doesn't know anyone!