Sunday, 24 July 2011

Crustaceans,Porcine & Fowl.

Last week I went to the post office to buy stamps while the kids waited in the car.
"I'd like a package of permanent stamps please"..The clerk began to list the choices, birds, flowers, Canadian flag or cancer.

I like wildbirds, actually I liked all the options, but thinking she meant by 'cancer' that a portion of the proceeds went to the cancer society, I chose cancer.

I was wrong. Not wrong in making an inappropriate choice, but wrong in my assumption of what was meant by it. Seemingly, Canada Post is now issuing zodiac sign stamps. Well, it's all still good because as it turns out, my zodiac sign is Cancer.

Back in the car, I passed Noah my stamps & my mail saying "could you hold these please?"

He took them, then looking down at the stamps he said.

"Mom, your stamps have crabs"

Was a great laugh aloud moment. I love his quick wit.

Although I feel i'm a fairly patriotic person, I kind of avoid buying stamps with the Canadian flag since several years ago when Hannah came to me saying: Look at the pretty picture I made with those red leaf stickers you had in your desk!

We all had a great time last evening for Madoll's 90th birthday supper, on which occasion we also celebrated M. Letarte's upcoming 79th birthday. I made baby back ribs & lemon/pepper chicken breasts on the BBQ, spanish rice and cold vegetables, followed by an ice cream cake. Had nine dinner guests including my kids, and 6 others who came for dessert and best wishes. Was great to see everyone and am happy to say that everything turned out wonderfully!

Many, many more to you Madoll, with love!

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