Monday, 11 July 2011

All told a pretty busy and productive week.

 Got some of my Hostas & planted them yesterday, they are already perking up and making themselves at home..bring on the slugs , am armed with egg shells!

Today it was off to Drummondville for 9:00 am appointment. My gynocologist gave me her email address saying "don't be sharing that with anyone" so if anyone wants to spam an ob-gyn, just let me know & I'll pass the addy along. ( due payback for the speculum and the slamming of breasts between icy cold plexiglas I figure)

Then it was off to get Isaac's new glasses, they are SOME handsome and more importantly according to Isaac, he can SEE.

That was followed by a run to the other end of town for Rona, Walmart...Isaac not feeling well the entire morning, surly, moany..then lunch with my Kettlepunk at Tim's and BOOM. Perked him right up that did ! He was ready to set the world on fire after a bowl of turkey/wild rice soup and a chocolate glazed donut. Off to Canadian Tire and the disappointment of the phone being out of stock (it's all well & good to have a raincheck, but that means I have to make another trip ) Bewildered at the choices of vacuums & really not wanting to spend $200 on special for a Hoover..but not wanting to buy junk, I took a bathroom break, leaving Isaac with the vacuums. When I got back, he'd found the perfect one at a reasonable price and quoted to me all the advantages plus comparisons to the other's specifications. (okay Willie, you can keep your advice of "don't feed into his obsession for reading labels" )

From there we headed over to drop off our purchase for Madoll (the one we were going to NOT talk about to each other). But because of the Festival Mondiale, we had to park waaaay back the other side of the tracks (Isaac was incensed that the parking meter not only doesn't take 2 dimes and a nickel, but doesn't return it ) So we walked to Madoll's. And of course Isaac couldn't help himself along the way saying aloud " Mom, here, YOU carry your adult diapers" "uh Mom, do you think those adult diapers are going to be big enough for you?" Brat. A train was coming and I seriously considered letting him cross while I waited on the other side, but was afraid he'd turn back find me.

Then off to get a few groceries then a stop for BBQ gas. I got a marriage proposal from the dealer, HA. He said he'd speak to his wife and see if she agreed. All in fun I know, but like I said to him "furthest thing from my mind is a romantic relationship, even so, I've never felt I NEEDED a man to complete me as a person. Mind you, I don't hate men one bit, many are some of the best friends I've ever had. It's all good :)

Driving home Isaac was telling me about a dream he had where he'd come across a bomb and was going to run but decided to unplug it. Call me neurotic, but I thought it best to reiterate that if he ever saw anything that he thought might be a bomb he should go far and call 911, "even if it just looks like a watch or a bunch of batteries with something that looks like Playdoh" 

Isaac: Playdoh? haha Mom, it's called C4. It's a pretty common plastic explosive.

Thwarted again.

Quote of the Day : ( I dunno who said this) Explain it to me like I'm a six year old.
Obviously today's children are far more evolved.

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